Modern Restorative Dentistry

Modern Restorative Dentistry - Center for Smile DesignMuch of our practice is focused on advanced restorative dentistry. It is aimed at patients whose teeth are not in the correct position in cosmetic, aesthetic or more on both counts. These problems can cause abrasion or breakage of the teeth, inflammation of joints and muscles, and deterioration of the appearance.

The foundation of a successful outcome is to put a proper diagnosis. Since many patients have been subjected to endless dental procedures leading to recurrent failures restorative dentistry focuses on solving the core of the problem, not only on alleviating individual symptoms.
After a thorough examination, Dr. Francis of peace will discuss with you the perfect treatment to achieve harmony rather than opposing the function of the jaw joints, muscles and teeth.

We can offer a variety of restorative dental procedures ranging from single placement of dental crowns to restore the entire dentition.
Since dental lab we work with are housed in our clinic, you will be able to meet with a dental technician, who will prepare your designs. This customized team approach to restorative dentistry will provide unsurpassed results of your treatment.

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