Orthodontics - Center for Smile DesignWhat is orthodontics?
It is that part of dentistry concerning the proper development of the face, jaws, and proper arrangement of the teeth. Also keeping away harmful habits such as mouth breathing, poor swallowing, tongue and thumb thrust.
We start monitoring our patients at the age of three, in this stage we are interested in the development of the jaws, position and symmetry of the teeth, breathing problems, and bad habits.
In this age (3-6) the first phase began treatment consisting of so-called myofunctional problems: which are breathing problems and bad habits. Use removable and non-removable appliances for the treatment at this age.In most cases, successful treatment at this stage, will most of the times eliminate the need of any further orthodontic treatment.

The second phase of the treatment phase of intensive growth (6-12) we use removable and fixed function devices to achieve maximum results in correcting problems with the bite and jaw development and symmetry.

Phase Three - orthodontic when all permanent teeth are in, patients are treated with metal or esthetic braces to properly align the teeth. We also work with Clear aligners to align the teeth without braces.

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